Pisces Monthly Horoscope

FEB 19 - MAR 20

As a gentle, compassionate Pisces, you are headed into a month that will pull at both your dreamy intuitions and pragmatic sensibilities. The celestial tides will ebb and flow, carrying you through periods of heightened sensitivity and bursts of grounded productivity. Buckle up for an eventful ride through the cosmic waters!

Career and Finances: The professional realm is where you’ll feel the need to strike a balance between your vivid imagination and analytical thinking early this month. While your creative visions could catalyze an exciting new work project or business pursuit, make sure you have a solid pragmatic plan in place to execute your ideas effectively. Rely on trusted mentors or advisors to help you separate fantasy from reality when it comes to financial decisions and investments. Midmonth, you may encounter some delays, misunderstandings or red tape to push through. Don’t let temporary obstacles ruffle your spiritual resilience. Stay the course with patience and your enduring work ethic.

Love and Relationships: Your heart is wide open and your intuition about matters of the heart is soaring, dear Pisces. Single? You could attract a soulmate connection through new group activities, spiritual circles or community events this month. Something just clicks like kismet. Already partnered? You and your mate will share profound moments of deeper intimacy, vulnerability and emotional bonding. Small gestures carry huge romantic significance now. Around the 20th, you may struggle with some insecurity or need for reassurance from your loved one. Speak your truth openly but steer clear of irrational jealousies or making mountains out of molehills. With clear, compassionate communication, you can renew your beautiful bonds.

Health and Wellness: This month’s cosmic currents will amplify your already ultrasensitive nature to stratospheric levels. While your psychic senses and empath abilities could get profound downloads from the universe, be careful that you don’t absorb too many toxic emotional energies around you. Be vigilant about protecting your force fields and prioritizing regular soothing, solitary activities like meditation, walks in nature, soothing baths or swimming. Physical exercises like gentle yoga or tai chi will help keep you grounded when you feel consumed by mercurial emotions. Avoid indulging in escapist coping mechanisms like alcohol or drugs. Nurture your spiritual self by connecting with your trusted astrology or metaphysical community.

Home and Family: Underlying tensions, misunderstandings or unresolved conflicts from the past could temporarily disrupt domestic bliss early this month. Though you hate conflict and confrontation, clearing the air is necessary to restore peace and harmony on the home front. There could also be changes, visitors or surprises related to your family dynamic around the 15th requiring flexibility and an open mind. Strive to bring more organizational systems and order to your living spaces as the month progresses to create a calm sanctuary that nurtures your sensitive soul.

Overall, this shape-shifting month is showing you the yin and yang of your Piscean nature. By gracefully flowing between your dreamy, intuitive side and your pragmatic, rational side, you can experience many beautiful personal and spiritual evolutions that will help buoy you through life’s ebbs and flows. Trust your instincts, nurture your spiritual wellbeing and serenely navigate any challenges that arise. The universe has many mystical gifts and lessons in store for you!