Pisces Weekly Horoscope

FEB 19 - MAR 20

Allow your heart and intuition to be your guiding lights this week, gentle Pisces. The celestial tides are carrying potent psychic currents amplifying your sensitivity, empathic nature and profound connection to the spiritual undercurrents of life. You’ll feel waves of emotions and mystical impressions washing over you, so it’s important to immerse yourself fully in going with the intuitive flow.

Career & Finances: While hardcore pragmatism or cut-throat ambition may not be driving you at the moment, you’ll still need to navigate some revealing flashes of insight about your work, income streams and life path’s deeper purpose this week. Pay extraordinarily close attention to your gut instincts, signs from the universe, and destined alignments that inspire your empathic soul. Information or disruptions to your normal routines could initially destabilize previous securities. However, this cosmic shakeup is ultimately a supportive awakening to help recalibrate your vocational energies toward more meaningful pathways nurturing your healing abilities, creativity and highest values. On the financial front, unexpected money blessings, investment opportunities or draining expenses may seem to arrive out of the blue – yet your profound intuition perceived the undercurrents stirring. Before taking action, pause and tune inward to divine the true destiny forces tied to any financial ebbs and flows.

Love & Relationships: Your extraordinary capacity for empathy, emotional attunement and tender nurturing within relationships is getting an otherworldly energetic boost this week, sweet Pisces. For singles, you could find yourself experiencing accelerated intimacies and fatefully magnetic attractions with potentials who feel cosmically destined for your sensitive soul’s journey. While casual dalliances or even simple flirtations won’t resonate, the waters are ripe for soulmate connections if you open yourself fully to vulnerability and your potent intuition’s guidance. For coupled Pisces, you and your partner’s spiritual and emotional bonds will transcend to beautiful new depths through profound communication, romantic gestures evoking your shared ideals, and heartfelt transparencies. Just be mindful of projecting unrealistic fantasies or enabling unhealthy dynamics to avoid needed growth.

Health & Wellness: With so much emphasis on tuning into subtle emotional and psychic energies for you, self-care rituals that nurture your imagination and attunement to the mystical forces of life should be prioritized. Gentle activities like restorative yoga, breathwork journeys, forest bathing, energy healing or waterside meditations allow you to harmonize with your body’s own rhythms while expanding intuitive awareness. Explore any creativity outlets like painting, poetry or cooking vibrant meals to channel your visionary artistry. Make sure you’re getting sufficient rest and proper nourishment from whole foods and hydration too. Avoiding overindulging in escapist vices will be important for maintaining vitality and spiritual clarity as well. Overall, immersing in pursuits that lift your consciousness is ideal.

Home & Family: As the domain of hearth, home and closest emotional connections, your domestic environment takes on heightened spiritual significance for you this week, Pisces. You may feel inspired to do some deep energy clearing or space refreshing through rituals like burning sacred herbs, rearranging decor with intention or establishing family altars for meditation. Unexpected events, disruptions or loved ones in need of your compassionate care could also arrive. While you’ll want to provide your trademark emotional nurturance, enforcing firm boundaries and taking solo respites may also be required when overwhelm arises. Overall, ensuring your personal sanctuary promotes spiritual rejuvenation is cosmic fuel for your sensitive soul now.

Overall, this entire week is overflowing with sublime, divinely-guided psychic energy that serves to awaken the most mystical and imaginative depths of your Piscean essence. While the constant downloads of visions, emotions and creative expressions ebbing and flowing through your consciousness could initially feel intense, stay buoyant by allowing yourself to drift wholeheartedly into that magical sea of spiritual possibilities. The universe has many profoundly poetic revelations, fateful connections and transcendent personal healing journeys written in the stars for you right now, Pisces. All you need do is open your heart’s intuition and let the magic flow inevitably through you.